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Cannot Unzip Zip Files? CRC Errors? Partially Download?

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It is pretty obvious that if you cannot unzip a zip file, then it means the zip file is broken. The causes could be because the zip isn’t completely downloaded from the source, CRC errors, or perhaps there are scratches on the CD when you copy the zip files from it to your harddisk. Either way, the point is you can’t open the zip files and what matter the most is to get the zip repaired. Yes, it is possible to repair broken zip files.

There are many paid broken zip repair software if you’re willing to let go some of your money out of your pocket. If this is not something you intend to do, there is also a free zip utility that can repair damaged zip files called as Object Fix Zip. You can try to repair one or multiple zip files at once.

It’s easy to use. When running the application, you will be guided in a wizard style that finally leads you to the options of what things that the program should do: test zip file integrity, fix the archive without modifying the original file, or/and directly extract the corrupted zip file into a destination folder. The choice is yours.

Object Fix Zip

Object Fix Zip runs on Windows Vista, XP, 2000, NT, ME, 98, 95. It isn’t a perfect application that guarantees that every broken zip file you discover will be able to be recovered, but at least it provides a free solution before you finally consider to use the other paid zip recovery tools if later you find the program fails to do the job. Give it a try and share your experiences here in using this freeware so others can find out if it is worth to download for.

Object Fix Zip

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3 Responses to “Cannot Unzip Zip Files? CRC Errors? Partially Download?”

  1. Alex Says:

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  2. Repair / Fix Broken / Damaged Zip for Free Says:

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  3. youssef Says:

    it is a good and freeware i advise all those who have crc errors to download object fix zip. but you know sometimes files are too much corrupt so they do not work anymore. but this is the best file i have got after many searches. thanks to the cmpany. you can also get technical support for free on the net with one of the specialists!
    happy day to all

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