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View Image Thumbnails in Right Click Menu – Windows Explorer

The ability to view image thumbnails directly in the right click menu of Windows explorer is pretty useful in a situation where you need to preview only a single image to make sure it is the right one. Opening an image viewer just for checking if it is the image you want to upload is somewhat wasting time, isn’t it? Even if you disagree, I think the ability to view an image thumbnail directly from context menu in Windows explorer is a good add-on to have.

Thumbnail in right click menu

It is FirmTools ShellExtension that will enable you to do so. There is no need to restart Windows for the feature to be applied. Once you install it, you can view the thumbnail of the image you right-click in Windows explorer within the context menu. The thumbnail size is set to “best fit” by default, but you can change it if you feel the default size isn’t large or small enough.

Microsoft Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000 and Windows XP are supported.

FirmTools ShellExtension is a freeware developed by FirmTools

More about changing the image thumbnail size in Windows explorer can be read here and here.

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Windows 7 Aero Snap for Vista and XP

Aero Snap is a new feature of Windows 7 which is now you can put on your Windows Vista or XP with the help of AeroSnap. The intention of the creation is to let you manage your desktop windows simply by drag and drop operation. What does it mean?

More specifically, AeroSnap enables you to maximize a window just by drag it to the top, or snap a window to a side of your desktop simply by dragging to the side, or restore the original size of the window before it is maximized or resized by dragging it to the last position.

If you don’t have any idea about this Aero Snap feature of Windows 7, then perhaps you are now a bit confused. If so, you should watch this short-duration video for a better explanation.

AeroSnap in Actions

Got the idea? Beside Windows XP or Vista, you should already have .Net Framework 2.0 or higher installed within your computer. AeroSnap works on multiple monitors as well. Cool, isn’t it? However, since this is still in beta version, there could be some error occuring. You can contact the maker should this happens so that you can get a better version soon.

Download AeroSnap for Windows XP or Vista.

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Clean Junk Files With CCleaner Portable

Windows creates new files over and over again every time we use it that turns to be junk files. They accumulate over time and make your computer runs slower and slower. You may not like the fact that a computer needs regular maintenance, but it is a must unless you want to keep spending your time staring with an angry look at the progress bar of an application that seem will never come to an end. Cleaning junk files isn’t difficult, after all.

Portable CCleaner lets you clean junk files and more. There are other versions like CCleaner Slim and CCleaner standard, but I prefer the portable one since I don’t want to put another installation files inside my computer. As long as the portable version meets all that I need, I’ll take it.

Beside able to clean junk files, it also enables you to overwrite the files before deleting so that they cannot be recovered. If you have a collection of “super secret” files and you don’t want anyone to recover those files, then you will like this overwriting feature as well as the junk files cleaning.

Other extra features allows you to maintain the health of your registry by scanning and eliminating the unwanted ones, and to manage the installed applications. I love it more than the Add/Remove Program of Windows. The list of the installed applications is displayed and uninstalled faster.

Small, Fast and Free. A perfect combination of words to describe this freeware. If you run Windows on your computer, then you will like this one. Or, perhaps you use another junk files cleaner?

Download here

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