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Change Text Case Online

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How often do you have to change text case when typing? We can simply replace the mistakenly typed words manually by deleting or overwriting them with the right case. But sometimes it is much easier if we left case converting to be done when we finish typing. Anyway, for whatever reason that could be, if you need help in converting the cases of your words, you can use any of the free text case changers I’ve mentioned here: CopyAs, Recase or Primitive Case Changer. Just pick one that suits your needs best.

change text case online

However, if you prefer to use online tool instead of a desktop application like those three, take a look at Case Converter. It is a free online application you can use to change text case. No registration required. To use it, you just need to copy the sentences or words that you want to case convert, paste into the big box within the site, and pick any of the appropriate text case options available: upper case, lower case, proper case, or sentence case. A click on any of the buttons will convert or change the case of the words instantly.

You can grab the case conversion result either by downloading it in text format or simply by copying the entire words and paste them into your word processor.

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  1. Uppercase & Lowercase Text Online Says:

    [...] Case Converter is an online tool that allows you to change text case to lowercase, uppercase, proper or sentence case. We’ve covered here earlier before. If you need an alternative, meet It is also an online text case changer that you can use for free. [...]

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