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Completely Uninstall Nero 9 With Nero General Clean Tool

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Having any problem while uninstalling Nero 9 from your computer? While many people may like it, some others may not and decide to keep using the older version. For whatever reason that could be, Nero General Clean Tool is a free utility designed by Nero itself that enables you to perform clean uninstallation of your installed Nero 9.

How to Completely Uninstall Nero 9

  • Download the program, unzip it, and double-click the Nero General CleanTool .exe file to start running it. No installation required.
  • After the program lists the Nero products that are installed in your computer, you can select which program you want to remove. There is a manual find button in case you notice that there is a product that isn’t listed in the main window. In other words, if the automatic searching is failed to detect all installed Nero products, you can search it manually by clicking the manual find button.
  • If the ones you want to remove are already listed and you have selected which to be uninstalled, then click the clean button to perform the Nero 9 clean uninstallation.
  • Restart your Windows.

Download Nero General Clean Tool to uninstall Nero 9

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41 Responses to “Completely Uninstall Nero 9 With Nero General Clean Tool”

  1. vivek Says:

    Thanx…….Nero 9 installation and Uninstallation is very slow……

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  3. Never stop Says:

    I have tried but it does not work. I can not re-install nero6. When I run “Completely Uninstall Nero 9 With Nero General Clean Tool”the Nero scout shows but I can not mark it.
    What to do??

  4. Never stop Says:


  5. DC Says:

    @never stop

    Sorry, I don’t get your point here.

    - cannot reinstall nero 6
    - download failed for nero 9 trial

    Are you gonna reinstall nero 6 or try to install nero 9? How could you install the nero 9 if the download itself was failed to finish completely?

  6. Dennis Says:

    Well,maybe I did not explain correct, sorry.
    To have the Nero 9 tial, I was instructed to remove Nero 6 and all nero components. That was done with no problems.
    Then I downloaded and started to install Nero 9 Trail after I received a reg number from Nero AG via the e-mail.The installation was interupted. I did restart the installation again but it was not working. So I tried to download again but this time it did not even start.
    Then I decided to remove the part of Nero on the computer to re-install Nero 6 from my original CD ( pre-installed on the computer) and it did not work. I was asked to re-boot the computer every time I tried to install 6, the MSG told me that a program with a newer date was on the computer and needed to have the re-boot to continue installation of Nero.
    TI use all the removal programs, gen clean etc from Nero etc and it marks nothing. I can not mark Nero Scout for removal, it stays.
    I hope that was better explained then in my first letter.

  7. DC Says:


    In that case you should remove Nero 9 manually from the registry. I usually use Regscanner (freeware) to deal with uninstallation problems. Try it.

    Don’t forget that before you re-install Nero 6, make a system backup first either through the System Restore or simply backup the registry.

    In the future, you can also use free applications that monitor the registry changes resulted from any software installation so you know what items to be removed in case you face another installation/uninstallation problem.

  8. Dennis Says:

    Hello DC

    I did try to go via regedit and to remove Nero. I used the search and also went trough the register manually. I removed all that I found from Nero/ahead. I also used some programs called PerfectUninstaller + RegCleaner + General-CleanTool(Nero AG) + msicuu2 (MS install cleaner) without any result.
    When I have the registrer visible via the mentioned programs I can not mark and delet the Nero Scout. I do find a post under Register/software/ICE/Do not install, can that have something to do with Nero?
    I will follow your advice and check with the Regscanner to see if it works.For me it looks like Nero is planting something on the computer with a different name or at some hidden place, just for us to not be able to find. I report back when done. Thanks again.

  9. Dennis Says:

    Hi DC (again)

    I tried the regscanner you suggested and I have plenty of Nero things left on the computer. It looks like it is a invasion of Nero. I will now learn how to delete or remove the infestion. I hope it works this time. All other reg cleaners showed nothing left from Nero but the regscanner you told me about found plenty. Maybe I have a chance to remove the Scout. Thanks. I report back when done.

  10. Dennis Says:

    Hi DC

    I tried to program regscanner but I could not clean all. The Nero scout is gone, at least the name but the folder stays and are very anoying.I can see the folder in the register but I can not delete/remove. I am now consider to re-install XP.
    The Nero 6 is totally blocked and I can not install 9 Trial to have the program re-initiated to uninstall. Dont know what to do.

  11. DC Says:


    To remove undeleted folder you can use unlocker (freeware).

    Have you tried to do it in a safe mode?

  12. Dennis Says:

    Yes I tried and it did not work. I can see the Nero scout file and right click on it. Only option it gives are to open and explore, no other options appears. I have also cleaned plenty of posts in the register but it looks like nothing helps.
    I am lost. At the moment there is only one place for Nero and that is far down in the underworld, not amongst us normal deadly.

  13. DC Says:


    Perhaps you can try this one.

    Disable Nero scout from its interface, then launch “Run” from Start menu and type:

    regsvr32 /u “%COMMONPROGRAMFILES%\Ahead\Lib\MediaLibraryNSE.dll”

    Restart your PC afterwards.

  14. dennis Says:

    Hi and thanks

    I tried but “can not find handle or path” is the answer.

    Nero scout interface does not show and I can not access the program or what is left. A re-installation seams impossible, maybe formatation of HD is the only answer.Nero AG have put something on the computer and are blocking everything.

  15. DC Says:


    I can understand your suspicious and I do start to think the same way. At first I thought your problem was because the installation was interrupted so that the installed parts cannot be removed, but then I think why it is so hard to remove the Nero Scout folder while you have already cleaned the files.

    Perhaps the easiest way to get rid all that Nero left is indeed by re-installing your Windows. It will save your time than spending more days to seek the answer to this problem.

  16. dennis Says:

    Hi DC

    Before I do a re-install of windows I’ll try to remove a post in the register called “system/ICE/do not install”. I have searched info on the net for this ICE but found nothing.
    I’ll keep u posted of the result. Problem now is if I dare to re-install Nero6 from my original CD or maybe it is better to stay away from Nero programs.
    In the beggining of our communication you talked about a application the recorded changes in the register made by programs, so if it happens again I can go back and target exact installations. Which tracking/recording programs do you suggest and do you think is useful.


  17. DC Says:


    For registry/installation monitoring you can try InstallWatch.

  18. santajim Says:

    I too had trouble installing Nero 9. Then Nero said to use there clean tool to remove all traces of Nero. Just like the rest of Nero software this did not work either. After spending almost three weeks trying to install, I found the perfect solution. I threw Nero 9 in the trash and installed Pinnacle Studio 12. It installed perfect the first time and works fine. I will never buy another Nero product.

  19. Sarah Says:

    install nero 9 but don’t have uninsatall option

  20. Indiran Says:

    Thanks… uninstalled successfully using the tool.

  21. priju Says:

    Hi All,

    I have the answer. I recomend you to Download Windows Installer CleanUp Utility pack and remove what ever u want to remove in a single go.

    You can remore Nero packages (nero 9 Trial version) or Older version of .Net frame also by using this single tool.

    More over it is a genuin tool from Microsoft.



  22. karthick Says:

    hi am karti,
    Nero 9 is very slow they decreae the processor speed any file open too many late for instaling nero 9 and uninstall nero 9 is too difficult pls to i said that all softwares coule install and reinstall become a very fast and easier way.this ,because much of much people use the software use than more frequently.thanks for ur softwares.

  23. MrStrype Says:

    Hi all,
    Just reporting in. After trying to uninstall Nero 9 repeatedly with no luck (using add/remove programs), I tried this Nero General Clean Tool and it worked perfectly.

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  27. Bety Says:

    Thanks. This way of uninstall Nero is a great help to uninstall nero completely without trace

  28. bdub Says:

    thx nero 9 (N)

  29. melbournian Says:

    thnx man solved my nero 9 problem

  30. Jason Says:

    It works. Thank you so much.

  31. darkpuma Says:

    Nero 8 e 9 sono un vero schifo , x installarlo ci ho voluto 4 secoli.
    Mi sto rimettendo il 7 che è meglio!

  32. Bill Youngpeter Says:

    Nero 9 SUCKS, don’t go there!

    Nero 7 is good, does what it promises. Nero 9 (& 8) are so bloated they cannot get out of their own way. It takes FOREVER to install and FOREVER + 1 day to Uninstall.

    What a mess. This product should be banned.

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  35. rahul Says:

    Thanks a lot…i was able to uninstall nero9

  36. PHILL Says:


  37. steve Says:

    nero 9 slowed down my system or crashed it completely, depending on my luck for any particular day. So, i decided to uninstall it… and what a pain in the ass that is turning out to be!

    i finally got the uninstall process going after 2 hours of crashes..and it is on about 40% now.. what is the deal with nero? why do other apps uninstall in seconds but this crpola takes hours?

    this has turned me right off nero products….and before anyone mentions my system..i have a brand spanking new laptop and everything else runs just fine!

    I agree with other posters here that you should steer well clear of this

  38. RegCure Says:

    I seriously enjoyed reading this specific write-up. Most definitely i’ll be returning in order to look over more helpful ideas. Many thanks.

  39. DD Says:

    Unfortunately my PC is too slow to run Nero 9 so i tried to uninstall of course that didn’t work so then came the “clean up tool” what a joke…I tried and all it did was re-install or clean up the existing nero 9! it’s all still there! what a nightmare! I’m going crazy trying to get rid of this crap!!!!!!!!! how can a company railroad you into keeping their product if you don’t even want it???

  40. Steve Collins Says:

    I am not by nature a violent man, however the attempted removal of Nero Ultra Edition from my PC has forced me to re-evaluate that statement. I am alone today which is a good thing as I have been at it for nearly 4 hours and got precisely nowhere. I am going to stop now and drink a cup of Chamomile tea and then I will take a large lump hammer from my toolbox and proceed to bash my laptop to death! I know it is not the laptops fault but I love my TV too much and feel a desperate need to smash something to smithereens.

  41. dp Says:

    the problem is with nero 8 and onwards is when you install nero it breaks all the files up and spreads them across your pc/lappy making it harder to find them all to completely remove them.
    there for when you try to reinstall nero it wont alowe you to do it.
    nero7 kicks ass but i have moved onto ashampoo for my cds and convertx3 for dvds these 2 programs are easy to remove unlike nero

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