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Convert QFX or OFX to CSV with OFX2CSV Converter

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This is a free converter software called OFX2CSV. It was designed to help any of you to easily convert QFX (Quicken) and OFX (MS Money) files to CSV format. Browse, load and convert the file. The features that are put within enables you to choose which transactions that you need to convert. In other words, you can convert all or just the selected ones.

Features of OFX2CSV

  • Check the transactions before starting the conversion.
  • Select which transactions to be converted into CSV (Excel compatible).
  • Original amount is used to create separate incoming and outcoming transactions, as well as original amount column.
  • Export data to CSV format.

OFX2CSV has been designed to work under Microsoft Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 and tested against a number of popular spreadsheet programs like OpenOffice and Excel.

Download OFX2CSV to convert QFX and OFX to CSV easily.

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One Response to “Convert QFX or OFX to CSV with OFX2CSV Converter”

  1. Nepa Says:

    I tried the software mentioned above and found it cumbersome to use, to say the least.
    For a more user friendly package, may I suggest iCreateOFX Basic from

    It is a desktop application running on windows and can convert PayPal CSV to OFX in addition to Converting any QIF and OFX files to CSV. Indeed it converts many bank and creditcard CSV files to OFX.

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