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Create A Gallery of Image Thumbnails from Video Scenes

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You’ve probably seen a single image consisting of a bunch of screenshot pictures taken from the scenes of a particular movie somewhere, especially when you are in a search for a title for download. If you’ve ever asked yourself how it can be done, then go download this so-called SceneGrabber.NET program.


SceneGrabber.NET is a free video utility for Windows that generates thumbnails of screenshots as many as you want from any movie and put the pictures into a single image. It even lets you take screenshot from multiple videos. You can configure the number of the columns for the screenshots, the width and height of each tile, add some video details, change the color of the background and font, the jpg quality, etc.

There is a preview window where you can see how the image will be generated. Any change you make is applied to the preview in real-time. This preview thing only works when you capture screenshots from a single video, however. If you work with multiple videos, the images will be generated instantly according to your pre-configured setting.

“You can grab manual or automatic frames from a movie and join then in a single JPG-image. Furthermore you can add to the single JPG image infos like moviename, resolution, codec-info, movielength and time of sceneshot creation”


Here is an example of how the generated image will be look like (cropped version).

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Download SceneGrabber.NET from here.

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