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Crop JPEG Images Without Quality Loss

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The main problem when using a photo editor to crop images is sometimes, for certain editors, the cropped image loses its quality though you may have to compare the cropped with the original image in zoom mode to figure out the quality reduction. Some photo editors have the so-called jpeg quality controller, like in Photo Filtre, that you can use to reduce even more or increase the quality of the images, but only if you save the images as jpeg images. However, if you increase the quality, you may notice that the size of the cropped image is larger than the original one.

JPEGCrop doesn’t do such a thing. It is a free, portable software, or a free jpeg cropper to be precise, that enables you to crop images without quality loss and the cropped image will always have smaller size than the original one. In addition, you can flip or rotate images without quality loss as well. If you load multiple images, each will be opened in a separate tab.

I couldn’t find the information on which Windows versions it supports within the developer’s site, but one thing for sure is that the application supports Windows XP because I use it. From SnapFiles I find out later that Windows 98, ME, 2000 are also supported. I have no idea about Windows Vista if it is supported or not.

Crop jpeg images without quality loss

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