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Customer Service Number List

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customer service numbersAs a customer of a product, especially for a highly expensive product, anyone definitely wants the quickest way to solve any of their problems related to the product. While some customers are more comfortable using one of the online communication channels provided by the companies, some others demand a voice communication. Unfortunately, many companies are hiding their customer service numbers. Despite of the reasons they have, as their customers, you have the right to know their customer service numbers to be able to directly contact and communicate with them.

ContactHelp is an online directory of hundreds, if not thousands, of customer service numbers. Dell, Amazon, Apple, Best Buy, you name it. You can browse the phone number listing based on the category, or you can simply use their search feature. Type the name of the company in the search box and click the “search” button.


The search result provides some information like the customer service number, how to reach a live person, hours of operation, email address, customer service link and description. You might find more than one phone numbers for some companies such as Dell. When I searched for Dell’s customer service number, there were phone numbers for their sales and technical support departments. Interestingly, you can also find phone call recordings that are uploaded by other users in addition to the user comments and customer-service-ratings for the company. ContactHelp is free and requires no registration.


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