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Delete Files Automatically With Auto Delete

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Keeping your harddisk space clean from unused files is a constant challenge. You run several maintenance utilities to wipe out temporary files, broken registry keys, broken shortcuts and so on, periodically. It’s still easy, anyway. The real challenge is perhaps keeping the space clean from unused files that you create yourself. Then, Auto Delete could be the automatic deletion freeware you want to try.

The only function of Auto Delete is to delete files in a specified folder that are older than the specified days, weeks or months. You could run it manually, but the automatic way is simpler. Make sure that the option “Start delete on Windows startup” is checked and it will delete the files automatically every time you start Windows.

Unluckily, we can’t define custom age for the files to be deleted. The options are limited to the available ages, or time frames, within the application. Select if you want to automatically delete files that are older than 1 day, 2 days, 1 week, 2 weeks, 1 month, 2 months, 3 months, 6 months or 1 year.

The subfolders can be included in the scanning and deletion process. A user can select if the status window should be displayed during the progress and if the files detected are moved to recycle bin.

Nothing is perfect, though. It’s easy to use. It does enable a novice user to delete files automatically without typing any code, but only one folder that can be selected to be processed with the program.

Auto Delete


Auto Delete

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4 Responses to “Delete Files Automatically With Auto Delete”

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  3. Dan Says:

    Search “RoboBasket” in google you will find a application from Easy-to-Use Software which can automatically process your files based on user predefined rules. You can process your files based on name, size, date, mp3 tag, extension and more other attributes. and choose actions from move, copy, rename, delete and more.

  4. Michael Houttequiet Says:

    Can this application be attached to files that are written on a cd or DVD? that way the disk would no longer work after a certain period.

    Best regards,
    Michaƫl Houttequiet

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