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Download Advanced Uninstaller Free to Uninstall Software

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Advanced Uninstaller Free, developed by Innovative Solutions, is an app that enables you to completely uninstall any software. Installation monitoring, force removal, registry scan, invalid entries removal, they’re all provided for you to be able to remove programs without any single trace left behind. Aside from the uninstaller, it also provides a set of cleaning tools.

Advanced Uninstaller uninstall programs

The applications that you have just installed will be marked in the uninstallation panel. The uninstallation procedure itself is quite standard, which is started by an uninstallation process then followed by an optional registry and disk scan to detect and remove the leftovers (IObit Free Advanced Uninstaller runs this scan faster), but there is a unique feature that allows you to uninstall a program by dragging and dropping it to a “drag and drop uninstall” mini window.

Advanced Uninstaller drag drop uninstall

You can also uninstall a program while you’re in Windows explorer by right-clicking on it and select “Uninstall with Advanced Uninstaller Free”. Unfortunately, instead of directly launching the uninstallation tool, you will be brought to the main window, which makes this context-menu uninstallation feature less useful than expected.

The free version only provides snapshot-taking mode for the installation monitoring, which can take forever to get completed. Only if you upgrade it to the pro version you will be able to enjoy its real-time installation monitoring feature.

Advanced Uninstaller Free by Innovative Solutions

For you who like a sort of all-in-one tool, there are other utilities offered by the program, which are as follows:

  • Control Panel Manager
  • where you can disable or enable any Control Panel icons.

  • Font Manager
  • to disable, enable or remove the installed fonts on your Windows.

  • Quick Cleaner
  • that lets you clean your system from junk files.

  • Services Manager
  • where you can create profiles according to your needs.

  • Start Menu Cleaner
  • to remove invalid shortcuts and empty directories.

  • Startup Manager
  • where you can disable/enable or remove any startup item.

Download Advanced Uninstaller Free from Innovative Solutions

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