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Extract Frames from Animated GIF with Free GIF Frame Extractor

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How to extract frames from an animated gif image? Sometimes we find a great animated gif and we want to extract the frames out of it for our own collection or to share them with friends, but how to extract the frames? Unless you’re willing to pay for a commercial animated gif extractor, you should try this one. GIF Frame Extractor is a free gif utility for Windows to extract frames from animated gif easily.

There is no need to install it since the application is portable. Just run the extractor and load the animated gif image whose the frames you want to extract. Once you load the image, you will see the number of its frames on the left sidebar. Just select the frame that you want to extract and click the “save” button. You can save the frames either in PNG or JPG format.

gif extract

There is a prominent drawback in the current version of this tool, though. It doesn’t allow you to extract frames in batch. You can only extract one frame at a time. If you want to extract all frames, then you’ll have to select and save every frame manually over and over again.

Download GIF Frame Extractor to extract frames from animated gif

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