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FLV Cutter – Cut FLV Video with Free FLV Cutter

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You’ve just watched an FLV video file and there is a certain part of it that makes you interested. Instead of keeping the entire video parts, you want to cut only the part that interests you so that you can save your hard drive space. That’s where Free Video Cutter comes in handy.

flv cutter

Free Video Cutter supports several video formats, including FLV file. As you can see from the screenshot, it is easy to use. Simply open the FLV that you want to cut, specify the start and end point, select FLV as the output format and click the “save video” button to start the cutting and saving process. This program is designed to work under Windows.

Download Free Video Cutter to cut FLV Flash video files

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8 Responses to “FLV Cutter – Cut FLV Video with Free FLV Cutter”

  1. Portable FLV Joiner to Join Unlimited FLV Files Says:

    [...] you want to cut a big flv file instead, you can use this flv cutter. Share and [...]

  2. suresh Says:


  3. Rav Says:

    Thanks man, for your video cutter tool. i checking for this kid of program to split large flv to insert to my tech blog http:/ At last if to that :) Ya thumbs crating little bit slow but not an issue


  4. Abdullah Mufasa Says:

    It’s nice you’ve made a tool like this. However, I’ve had some problems. I’ve got CoreAVC installed but I don’t see any video having opened the file in the cutter. Plus, a frame-accurate seek-mode would be pretty much a necessity.

  5. 2Zong Says:

    I’m trying your FLV cutter, it’s very cool that it supports avi and other format. Thank you very much for creating all useful free tools for us!

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Thank you so much for such useful tools!

  7. M.K.Nath Says:


  8. Geb Says:

    thanks a bunch. This helps me a lot

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