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Free AVI Fixer for Windows, Mac, Linux

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avi fix freewareAVI video file isn’t free from errors. When you play an avi video, sometimes it freezes, sometimes you cannot even play it. Imagine if you have waited for hours downloading a huge size avi video file, then it turns out that the avi is corrupted. Sometimes you try to download it again, but the errors remain. In a situation like this, what you need is an AVI fixer.

DivFix++ is a free avi fixer licensed as an open source software. DivFix is a portable software that works for Windows, Mac and Linux computers. You can operate this program from its graphical user interface or from the command line. Many of you will probably prefer to use the GUI. Adding an avi video is as easy as dragging and dropping the video to the interface. You can also use the file browser to add an avi video. The scan for errors can also be simply done within a click on the check errors button.

Before starting to fix any avi video file, there are some settings you need to do first like specifying where the fixed avi should be saved into. Note that leaving the “Cut Out Bad Parts” option checked will probably result in skips when you play the video. Press the “Rebuild Index” button to start fixing the corrupted avi video files within the list.

DivFix, AVI fixer software

avi fixer

Download DivFix++, free avi fixer for Windows, Mac and Linux.

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