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Free RAR Unpacker – Universal Extractor

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The truth is Universal Extractor is a lot more than just a simply rar unpacker program. You may get surprised when looking at the number of the archives it supports. If you’re looking for a rar unpacker, and you compare this free unpacker with other commercial versions, then you will likely to conclude that most of the commercial programs aren’t worth buying.

free rar unpacker

Rar, ace, gzip, rpm, 7z, ISO, pea, zip are just a few of the supported formats. Others include nrg, tar, docx, xlsx, pptx, odt, cab, exe, deb, and still many others. The program also comes in numerous languages like English, Turkish, Hungarian, Russian, Chinese, etc. Its ability to extract files from an installer package makes it possible to make a portable version of the application.

portable rar unpacker

You should download the installer if you want to unpack the supported formats from Windows right-click menu. If you don’t want to install anything, then the portable version is a perfect one to download.

Download Universal Extractor to unpack rar and more

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    [...] supporting many compression formats, though as not many as Universal Extractor supports, TUGZip also provides additional tools like virus scanning, broken zip and sqx [...]

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