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Hide Folder or File

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Hiding folder or file has long been one of the most common ways to protect the content of a sensitive folder or file. Since no one knows the existence of the hidden folders, no one would be able to try unlocking the folders without our permission. How could one attatk something while he or she doesn’t know that it actually exists?

It is easy to hide folder or file. There are numerous applications designed for this hiding purpose and one of them is called System Vault.

How to hide folder or file with System Vault:

  • Launch the application
  • Select “Hide File or Folder” from the option list
  • Select the target folder and click “Hide Folder” button
  • If you want to hide file instead of folder, then click “Hide File” button.

After each of the hiding, a message pops up saying “The Folder was successfully hidden” or “The File was successfully hidden”.

To prevent unauthorized user to run System Vault and unhide the hidden folders and files, the application is armed with password protection for login.

Hide folder or file with System Vault

main window of system vault image

system vault hiding folder image

unhider image

System Vault is a free file and folder hider made to work under Windows XP, Vista, 2000, NT.

System Vault

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