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How to Check Folder Size in Windows

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Sometimes we might get curious about how much the size of a certain folder really is. Some other times we might want to know which folder that occupies the most of the space within a drive, and then the curiosity moves on to the sizes of the files that belong to the folder.

We can know the size of a file instantly in Windows Explorer but not folder. Open up a folder and you can see immediately how much the size for each file is. To check a folder size, the most common way is to right-click it and select “Properties” from the context menu. The method can also be used to check the sizes of multiple folders. However, the size displayed is the total size of the folders. The “Properties” window doesn’t show us the size of each folder. This is where this Folder Size program comes in handy.

In short, Folder Size is a free program that gives a detailed information about the size of each folder, subfolder and file that reside in any directory of your choice. Disk Space Fan can also be used for this but you will find that Folder Size is more convenient to use in certain situation.

The Main Window of Folder Size

folder size analyzer

The main window of Folder Size is divided into 3 panels by default. The left panel above displays all of the folders that you have selected for scanning, the below one shows the capacity of each drive, and the right one is where you can see the size of the folders and files in details.
folder size the right panel

While you can see the size of the folders in the left panel, the right one provides a more detail information. Aside from the folder size, you can also see the number of the files and subdirectories. It’s up to you how you want the size to be displayed (byte, kilobyte, megabyte, gigabyte) but leaving the option to “Auto” will make it easier to read the size. For example, won’t it be easier to read 15.68 MB instead of 16443304 bytes?

The Scanning

You can pick whichever folder you want to scan, but the program also lets you scan a whole drive if you want to check the size of every existing folder and subfolder within.

The program only allows you to scan one folder at a time. However, the previously-scanned folder is still displayed when you perform another new scan and won’t be removed until you tell it to do so (which is by right-click the folder and select “remove from the list”). This way you won’t lose access to the scanning information of the previous folders.

Progressive Scan

If you have stopped a scan it will continue form the point of interruption saving processing time. If you have removed items from the list consequential scan will be very quick by only updating the missing items.

Other features include locating the selected folder or file in Windows explorer via the context menu, delete folders or files, open files with associated application using double click, and support for all types of storage devices (hard drives, CDROM, USB Drives, Floppy disks). Folder Size is a freeware that works with Windows 7/Vista/XP/NT/ME/2000/2003/98.

Download Folder Size

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