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How to Cut Movie File with Movie Trimmer Freeware

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Many users are looking for tutorials on how to cut movie using Windows Movie Maker. If you’re one of them, I cannot provide you the complete tutorial since I don’t use Windows Movie Maker to cut my movie files. Instead, I use a movie trimmer freeware program.

Cutting movie file with this free video trimming software is, I promise you, very easy. It isn’t a movie editor that has tons of movie editing tools. It looks like that it was designed specifically to cut video so there is no other features beside the video trimming and conversion. But the absence of other features makes it very easy to use and I’m sure that anyone can use it in a few seconds after they launch the program. This movie trimming program is called X2X Free Video Trim, developed by X2Xsoft and licensed as a freeware.

How to cut movie with X2X Free Video Trim

movie trimmer freeware

How to use it, then? Well, like I said, it’s pretty easy. All that you have to do is browse and select all of the movie files that you want to cut. The embedded video player allows you to play a single video to make you easy in marking the starting and ending point of the tracks that you need to cut. To mark the points, use the buttons “Set Start” and “Set End”.

After you mark the start and end point of the track, now click on the save button. You can save the trimmed video track as MP4 video or as an audio file in MP3 format. Then wait until the trimming process is completed.

Cut part of movie or convert the whole movie

Some of you might not want to cut specific track from a movie. Instead, you want to convert the whole movie. X2X Free Video Trim is also equipped with the ability to convert whole movie but it only enables you to convert a video file to MP4 or MP3.

You can convert or cut movie while playing the video. Unfortunately, there is no detailed information about the supported video formats.

Download X2X Free Video Trim from the developer’s website

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