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McAfee Internet Security 2013 Serial Key for Free

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Here is another promo that lets you grab a genuine McAfee Internet Security 2013 serial key without spending your money. It comes right from the developer. A McAfee account is what you must have to get it. There is no information if you must be a new user to be eligible for this promo but just do it anyway. Create a new account. Use a disposable email address if necessary to shorthen the registration process.

McAfee Internet Security 2013, as most of you know already, manage to maintain its position to be one of the popular internet security suites around until this very moment. There are other similar programs but it still has its own place in the highly competitive market. New features are added. Existing features are improved.

In this 2013 version, users can enjoy lots of main and additional features, some of which are as follows:

  • Improved detection technology to make it more responsive to numerous malicious attacks that keep shows up and threats user privacy every single day.
  • Anti spam to block unwanted messages before they reach you.
  • Two-way firewall to strengthen the defense wall on your system to block malicious threats.
  • USB and Removable Drive Scan to make sure that the drives are safe when connected to your PC.
  • 1 GB online backup to protect your data from any chance of loss.
  • Parental control to ensure that no one can do irresponsible things to your children or to ensure that none of your children lands on inappropriate sites when they are browsing the web. And, furthermore, you can even find out their surfing activities if you want to.
  • Safe searching feature that allows you to surf the web without being afraid of ending up at a harmful web page.

Download the program and install it, and you will see all of the things it has that we cannot mention one by one here. Despite all of these various features, the suite is easy to use. Having a smart tool that provides nearly all the stuff you need but hard to use is kind of annoying, isn’t it?

So, let’s get back to the promo. How can we get it? Where is the promo page? Let’s find out.

promo page

Where and How You Can Get McAfee Internet Security 2013 Serial Key for Free

  1. The free license offer can be found here.
  2. As it has been said previously, you should create a McAfee account first. Scroll down the page until you find this button that says “Create Your Account”. Click on it and fill out the form.
  3. Once you submit the form, the next page that you will see is the confirmation that you have completed your order, but first check your email for an incoming message from McAfee.
  4. The message asks you to confirm your account registration so click on the confirmation link to get it done.
  5. Then, you will see another confirmation page from where you can open your account page.
  6. Within your account page, you can find the download link of the installer, and there is also information when the subscription or the license will get expired.

account page

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