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Play Incomplete / Broken AVI

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broken aviIf you often download AVI files from file sharing sites like Rapidshare, I’m pretty sure that you have at least once encountered a situation where you got an incomplete AVI file or a partially-downloaded AVI. You may want to consider re-downloading the file if the size is less than, let’s say, 10MB, but since AVI video usually has a much larger size, it would be time wasting to do so. You can repair or fix AVI, but why would you do so if you haven’t even watched what is inside the video? If you choose to fix it, but later you find that the video isn’t actually worth your time downloading, the repair effort would be useless then. So, it’s better to play or watch the incomplete AVI first before you decide to do anything else with it.

VLC Media Player, a free video player that has gained lots of respects for the whole things it can do, can play broken AVI file. In fact, I cannot find a forum where none of the users recommending it to play incomplete AVI file. VLC is a cross-platform multimedia player that can be used on various operating systems ranging from Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, BeOS and Syllable.

GOM Player, which has a smaller size compared to VLC, can also play incomplete AVI. But, it only supports Windows OS only. The version supported ranging from Windows 98SE, Me, 2000, XP, 2003 and Vista. Another option to consider about for Windows users is KMPlayer.

The most lightweight option is perhaps AVIPreview, which is less than 1MB for the latest version at the time this article is written. In addition to the ability to play incomplete AVI file, it can also play AVI file that is being downloaded without interrupting the download process.

All of the incomplete AVI players mentioned above are free.

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