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Prevent Accidental Close on Firefox Tab with PermaTabs Mod

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Sometimes, having too many Firefox tabs opened at once can lead to an accidental close. You can restore the tab easily by making use of the history recording feature, but if you often accidentally close tabs this will soon become an annoying problem. To prevent an accidental close on a Firefox tab, you can install Permatabs Mod.

Permatabs Mod is a Firefox extension that protects selected tabs so you cannot close them. Press the hotkey and the current tab will be made permanent. Open a new tab, press the hotkey again and the tab will also be protected. Even if you accidentally select “close other tabs” the protected tabs will not be closed.

Prevent Firefox Tab Accidental Close with Permatabs Mod:



“Turn tabs of your choice into permanent tabs. PermaTabs can’t be closed accidentally no matter what you click (even actions like “Close other tabs” will not affect them) and will stick around between sessions.”

Install Permatabs Mod from Firefox extension gallery to prevent accidental close on Firefox tabs

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