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Remove Invalid Shortcuts in Windows With Orphan Remover

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Shortcuts in Windows are usually located at the desktop, start menu and user’s document and settings directory. You can find many shortcuts in these locations, especially if you often install applications that have their own shortcuts. While these shortcuts help users to open file or folder and launch applications faster, they could become another problem in Windows if they get broken. When you delete some files or uninstall applications that have shortcuts, their shortcuts aren’t automatically removed. That means the shortcuts still exist even though the files/folders/applications they refer to have already been removed. These shortcuts are invalid shortcuts and, hence, useless.

Instead of manually searching the invalid shortcuts, which I’m sure won’t give a good result, try Orphans Remover. It is a freeware that has been designed specifically to find and remove any invalid shortcuts within Windows.

Orphans Remover allows you to search invalid shortcuts in Windows start menu, desktop, favorites, history, recent documents, temp directory, program files, application data, and invalid shortcuts that point to files in removable drives, files on a network, files on CD-ROM drives and files on RAM disks. You can pick which from these locations to be scanned for invalid shortcuts or simply select all of them. Additionally, you can also manually include certain folders in the scanning.


After the scanning is finished, which only takes not more than a few seconds, all of the scanned invalid shortcuts will be displayed. It is up to you, then, to decide which shortcuts to be deleted. All in all, Orphans Remover is a very helpful freeware in finding and deleting invalid shortcuts in Windows. No more useless shortcuts anymore.

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