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Send Files in Protected .EXE Container to Prevent Unauthorized Access

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Do you have some important files to send but doesn’t want any other person can open it except the recipient? Well, there are several ways to protect your files. You can hide the files inside pictures, compress them to rar format and then lock it with a password, or put them all in a password-protected container just like ProtectMe! 2010 does.

ProtectMe! 2010 is a free application for Windows. No matter how many the files are, you can just drag and drop them all at once into the program. These files are then compiled into an executable container. The only way to access the contents of the container is by entering the correct password.

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Key Features:

  • Password protection
  • You get one .exe file which contains the encrypted file(s)
  • The result will be just a few KB bigger than the encrypted files themselves!
  • SHA1 for password validation
  • AES (Rijndael) for your data
  • The container file is compiled at runtime

ProtectMe! 2010 is free, portable and compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7, but it requires • NET Framework 3.5 (or higher versions).

Visit the website to download ProtectMe! 2010 to protect your files before you send them

[ this article was published on March 20, 2010 ]

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