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Show PSD Thumbnails in Windows Explorer

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psd thumbnailYou cannot view PSD thumbnail in Windows explorer by default. The answer to this is simply because PSD thumbnail isn’t natively supported in Windows. There are a number of free image viewers out there that can open PSD files, plus some free photo editors that can even edit PSD files, but it would be not that efficient if you have to open an application everytime you receive a PSD file. Anyway, if you’re looking for a dead simple way in how to show PSD thumbnail in Windows explorer, take a look at ThumbView.

psd thumbnail viewerIn addition to providing thumbnail support for PSD file in Windows explorer, ThumbView also enables you to view thumbnails for many other image formats that Windows explorer doesn’t support. ThumbView comes in two versions, but both are completely free to use. While ThumbView Lite is targeted for “normal” users who just simply want to display thumbnails for unsupported image formats in Windows explorer, ThumbView is designed for anyone who wants to have total control over which image types that should be added into the thumbnail support list.

The other thing you can get from it is the availability of tooltips everytime you hover over any of the images with your mouse. The usage is pretty simple. Once you install Thumbview Lite, you can instantly view thumbnails for PSD along with other image formats.

Supported image types:

.cut, .dcx, .dds, .mdl, .mng, .pcd, .pcx, .pic, .pix, .png, .pnm/.pbm/.pgm/.ppm, .psd/.pdd, .psp, .pxr, .sgi/.rgb, .tga/.vda/.icb/.vst, .tif/.tiff, .wal, .xpm

Download Thumbview to view PSD thumbnail in Windows explorer

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9 Responses to “Show PSD Thumbnails in Windows Explorer”

  1. james Says:

    I’ve never thought before that it is possible to display psd thumbnail in Windows explorer. Thanks!

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  6. roblox cheats Says:

    You made great points made that we hadn’t thought of before

  7. Peter Pilot Says:

    Doesn’t work in Windows 7 64bit

  8. David Blake Says:

    Our commercial PSD codec will generate thumbnails for PSD, AI, and EPS files on 64 bit Windows Vista and Windows 7.

    A free trial is available.

  9. wyldrose Says:

    It shows psd files (Yay!!!) but still not psp *sigh* – still searching for that.

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