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Tag Editor Plus for WMP 12 & WMP 11 with Windows Media Player Plus

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The latest version of WMP, Windows Media Player 12, doesn’t have Advanced Tag Editor. This tag editing capability was added to the previous versions but then Microsoft decided to remove it from WMP 12. If you miss this tagging feature and want it to be added to WMP 12, then you should download Windows Media Player Plus.

Windows Media Player Plus is a free WMP plugin that adds a number of useful features, which includes Tag Editor Plus as well. Tag editing feature is added once you finish with the plugin installation. Check out the screenshots below to see the user interface of the feature.

WMP tag editor




Aside from the tagging, the plugin also includes enhancements like real-time “find as you type” for the library, song information in the title bar, direct access to Windows Explorer context-menu in WMP, and more.

Download Windows Media Player Plus from the developer’s website to get more features for WMP.

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