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Close & Open Multiple Windows at Once

There are certain circumstances that you might want to close all the opened folders, files and running applications. For example, installing a new software. I myself never close any when installing and find no problem at all so far even though I install/uninstall new software almost every day, but this freeware surely useful for you who prefers to be more careful. Or, perhaps you have found yourself have to suddenly close all the opened windows when something urgent needs to be done immediately.

Close & open multiple windows at once

What is good from this freeware isn’t only its ability to close multiple windows, but also how it closes the windows and then restore them back to their last positions. Let’s say you have Image to PDF Converter, CCleaner, AutoDelete and Windows explorer being open. If you close these opened windows with SmartClose, don’t forget to configure it first to take a quick system snapshot which then should be saved as a file. All selected windows will be closed once you hit the OK button.

After that, you can easily restore the windows in the positions just like before you close them.

SmarClose is one of the free applications that I put under my favorite freeware collection. Too bad that it is no longer updated anymore since March 9, 2005. Still, it works very well in closing and opening multiple windows at once. It works under Windows XP, 98, NT 4, 95.


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