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OS X Dock for Windows with Numerous Skins (Vista & XP)

Among numerous os x docks for Windows, this one is the dock that comes with many dock skins. You can download any skin for free to replace the standard dock skin. The ability to change the skin is also provided at no cost, meaning that you don’t have to buy the plus version to be able to replace the standard skin according to your liking. More »

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Free Dock for Windows XP & Vista Taskbar Replacement

If you’re looking for a free dock to replace your Windows XP or Vista taskbar with a Mac dock style, then XWindows Dock is a must download. Transparencies, shadow, reflections and blur are the graphical effects that you can get from this free dock at no cost. Hide your original Windows taskbar and replace it with this dock to get a better access to your files in a stylish environment.

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XWindows Dock is aware that we, human, naturally never feel enough with what we get, so it provides an ability for you to replace the installed skin with your own 2D or 3D dock skin. It works on Windows XP and Vista, but it is also reported that it works on Windows 7 as well. The developer claims that the system resources used to run this dock is less than Winamp or Total Commander.

Download XWindows Dock for Windows XP & Vista

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