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Send Large Files Through Email

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Whether or not you can send large files through email depends on the email service that you use, but if the size of the file attachment you want to send is still bigger than the allowed limit, there is a way to keep sending it through email. Use a file sharing service to upload the file and then you can send its download link to your friends via email. Most of the services are free so you won’t have to worry about paying anything. If the size is your main concern, then you can choose a service that offers the biggest size. Have you ever tried Zeta Uploader? More »

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Send Self-Destruct Message that Can Only Be Read One Time

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Need to send a message that won’t leave a trace in your nor recipient’s inbox? This Message Will Self Destruct is an online service that lets you send any of your message in a Mission Impossible’s style. Write a message, send the link to the recipient, and the message will be automatically destructed after it is read or accessed.

one time read message

The message is encrypted in their server but password can also be added to make sure that the recipient is the only one person that can read the message. You can send as many messages as you need. The service is free.

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