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Free RAR Extractor You Should Have

Looking for a free rar extractor but reluctant to download Winrar? Winrar is free if you use it only to extract rar, but the fact that it is a shareware may make many users decide to look for an alternative. Luckily, there are many free alternatives that you can choose and some of them are so damn good. TUGZip is one of them that you will probably like. More »

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Open RAR Without Winrar

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open rar without winrarWho says that you need to buy Winrar to open rar in Windows? You must buy Winrar when you want to compress a file in rar format, but not when you simply want to open a rar archive. In fact, you don’t even need to use the trial version of Winrar just to open the archive. There are lots of free archive openers and extractors around that you can use without any limitation whatsoever.

For example, try Sharp Archiver. In addition to rar, this archiver also supports around 47 different archive formats. Extracting or opening rar and other supported archive formats is also easier by selecting which formats that are associated with the program. It also has multi extract tool in case you need to extract many rar archives at once. Other features include the ability to convert supported archives to Zip, 7Zip, Lha or Sqx archive.

Other free rar opener that you will likely to be interested is Universal Extractor. Don’t forget about ArcConvert, a free program that focuses on archive conversion.

Download Sharp Archiver to open rar without Winrar

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Extract Multiple ZIP – RAR at Once

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Extracting multiple zip at once using the standard Windows unzipping utility is impossible, let aside RAR. Instead of unzipping all zip files at once, the unzipper displays multiple extraction wizard windows, which leaves you no choice but to unzip the archives one by one. To be able to extract multiple zip or rar files at once, stop using the standard Windows extractor and start using third-party, free extracting sofware.

There are at least two free extraction utilities you can use for this multiple extraction. Use Izarc or ExtractNow or the combination of both. If you want to extract multiple zip or rar at once, which are located within the same directory, into separate folder for each archive, then you’ll love Izarc. If you want to extract multiple archives that each of them is located in different folder, then ExtractNow is the application you should use.

While ExtractNow can also extract multiple zip at once, which are located within the same directory, into separate folder for each archive, Izarc can extract faster. Using Izarc, highlight the archives, right-click on them and hold, then drag into any blank space. Then select “extract every archive in separate folder“.

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