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Computer Shutdown Timer

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Sometimes we fall asleep, or forget that we haven’t shutdown computer yet so we start thinking of using an automatic computer shutdown program. The other possibility is that we simply want to shutdown computer at a specified time.

Shutdown Timer is a free program that lets you shutdown computer automatically at a specified time. If you are not looking for a robust computer shutdown software that has loads of advanced features, ShutdownTimer may fit your need.

There is not much left to be explained since this software has a straightforward use. You can specify the time when the computer should be turned off if you want to shutdown at a certain time, or you can simply specify how many hours left before the computer is automatically turned off.

automatic turn off

Download ShutdownTimer from Softpedia

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Rotate JPEG Images Without Quality Loss Directly From Windows Explorer

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Cropping multiple images without quality loss isn’t the only problem that some photo editors are suffering from. They also fail to provide the lossless image rotation ability. If you use their rotation features, then the quality of the images will be slightly reduced. However, just like JPEGCrops, there is a free graphic tool you can use to rotate jpeg images without quality loss, called as JPEG Lossless Rotator.

JPEG Lossless Rotator does exactly like its title and like what it is designed for: to rotate jpeg images without quality loss. In other words, the quality of the rotated images will be just the same as the quality of the original images.

Simply browse the folder where your images are located and they will be added to the thumbnail list. The images within the subfolders can also be added to the list by checking the “include subfolders” option. In case you have too many images in the folder, you may want to decrease the thumbnail quality to speed up the thumbnail creation in the list. The decreased thumbnail quality doesn’t affect the original quality of the images.

JPEG Lossless Rotator

You can rotate images to the left, right, rotate 180 degrees and flip the images both horizontally and vertically. If then you decide to use its automatic rotation feature, the application will find the images that can be automatically rotated to normal orientation.

While selecting a single image is possible, I think this freeware is more suitable to be used to rotate all images at once. Using the Shift keyboard button, you can select multiple images in a row either horizontally or vertically.

The possibility to integrate the program with Windows explorer shell makes you able to rotate multiple images at once directly within Windows explorer. Nice.

One more nice thing, you can use shortcut keys to perform some of its operation like rotating, flipping, displaying exif data, and so on.

JPEG Lossless Rotator is a freeware that supports Windows 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP 32 bit & 64 bit, Server 2003, Vista 32 bit & 64 bit, Server 2008. Get it from here.

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Close & Open Multiple Windows at Once

There are certain circumstances that you might want to close all the opened folders, files and running applications. For example, installing a new software. I myself never close any when installing and find no problem at all so far even though I install/uninstall new software almost every day, but this freeware surely useful for you who prefers to be more careful. Or, perhaps you have found yourself have to suddenly close all the opened windows when something urgent needs to be done immediately.

Close & open multiple windows at once

What is good from this freeware isn’t only its ability to close multiple windows, but also how it closes the windows and then restore them back to their last positions. Let’s say you have Image to PDF Converter, CCleaner, AutoDelete and Windows explorer being open. If you close these opened windows with SmartClose, don’t forget to configure it first to take a quick system snapshot which then should be saved as a file. All selected windows will be closed once you hit the OK button.

After that, you can easily restore the windows in the positions just like before you close them.

SmarClose is one of the free applications that I put under my favorite freeware collection. Too bad that it is no longer updated anymore since March 9, 2005. Still, it works very well in closing and opening multiple windows at once. It works under Windows XP, 98, NT 4, 95.


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Free ISO Converter Portable – Convert to ISO Application

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ISO isn’t the only associated file format for a disk image. In fact, every disc imaging software like Nero could use their own formats. The question is, can you find a burning software that supports all of the various disc image formats? In this case, converting the unsupported formats to a popular one like ISO so that your favorite burner application can burn the files is a good solution to go for with this free ISO converter, AnytoISO Converter.

Free ISO converter


No complicated stuff. With the program on your side, you can simply browse and add the disc image file you want to convert to ISO. The conversion starts once you hit the convert button. It is relatively fast, but the speed of course depends on the size of the disk image being converted.

AnytoISO Converter is portable, free, and the download size is only 157 Kb. It can convert BIN, MDF, PDI, CDI, NRG, B5I, IMG CD/DVD-ROM images to ISO in Windows.

UPDATE: (July 31, 2009) If you take a look at the screenshot, you’ll notice that it was still version 1.0 when I posted this software here and it was really free and portable. The newest version, 2.5, isn’t completely free and isn’t portable anymore. That’s why I removed the download link to the software.

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Cannot Unzip Zip Files? CRC Errors? Partially Download?

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It is pretty obvious that if you cannot unzip a zip file, then it means the zip file is broken. The causes could be because the zip isn’t completely downloaded from the source, CRC errors, or perhaps there are scratches on the CD when you copy the zip files from it to your harddisk. Either way, the point is you can’t open the zip files and what matter the most is to get the zip repaired. Yes, it is possible to repair broken zip files.

There are many paid broken zip repair software if you’re willing to let go some of your money out of your pocket. If this is not something you intend to do, there is also a free zip utility that can repair damaged zip files called as Object Fix Zip. You can try to repair one or multiple zip files at once.

It’s easy to use. When running the application, you will be guided in a wizard style that finally leads you to the options of what things that the program should do: test zip file integrity, fix the archive without modifying the original file, or/and directly extract the corrupted zip file into a destination folder. The choice is yours.

Object Fix Zip

Object Fix Zip runs on Windows Vista, XP, 2000, NT, ME, 98, 95. It isn’t a perfect application that guarantees that every broken zip file you discover will be able to be recovered, but at least it provides a free solution before you finally consider to use the other paid zip recovery tools if later you find the program fails to do the job. Give it a try and share your experiences here in using this freeware so others can find out if it is worth to download for.

Object Fix Zip

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Lock Any Application With Freeware LockAnExe

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Need to lock an application? If you do, then LockAnExe offers a free, simple way to lock application so that no one can run it until it gets unlocked with the program.

How to lock application with LockAnExe

  1. Browse and select the application by clicking “Open File” button.
  2. Select “Lock File” and click “Do it”. The original icon of the locked application will be replaced by a white box icon, signaling that it has been locked.

You can lock more than one application. However, the developer doesn’t specify the number limit of the applications that can be locked. I only tried to lock two applications, CCleaner and Auslogics Registry Defrag, and it runs well. Both cannot be run until I unlocked it.


A feature that I want it to be added is the ability to set a master password for the program so no other user can unlock the programs I have locked. However, since there is no message pops out saying something like “this application has been locked with LockAnExe“, I think no one would know that the application is being locked with LockAnExe and, thus, wouldn’t search for the program within the computer to unlock the locked applications without our permissions.

Another limitation from the program is that you have to remember all the applications you have locked with it. Otherwise, you won’t be able to unlock. You need to browse and select the application again, and click the “Unlock File” to unlock each of the locked applications.


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