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Disable Google Buzz Completely in Your Gmail Account

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A few days ago we’ve shown you a link in gmail by which you can turn off google buzz in gmail. Now, if you take a look at the setting page in your gmail account, you will see a feature to completely disable google buzz in gmail. Just make sure that you really want to disable it before you click the option, which will delete your Google Profile and Buzz posts. Check out the screenshot below.

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Disable or Turn Off Google Buzz in Gmail

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Ok, so you find that you aren’t interested to go further with Google Buzz after you try it for some time. Many people are so interested in the features offered within the app, but you are not, especially after reading some reviews from some popular technology blogs. You need to disable it and here you are how to do it. There is a link to turn it off but you might not know exactly where it is located. More »