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Completely Uninstall MSN Messenger, Windows Live Messenger, Windows Messenger

It’s a pain, but sometimes some of us have to deal with the difficulties of the installation of MSN Messenger, Windows Live Messenger or Windows Messenger. If you have been through this, then you should’ve recognized at least one of these annoying messages:

  • Another version of the product is already installed.
  • Your computer has a newer version of MSN Messenger than the one you are trying to install.
  • Your computer has a newer version of Windows Live Messenger than the one you are trying to install.
  • The feature you are trying to use is on a network resource that is unavailable.

bla..bla..bla.. I’ve got enough headache here.

Luckily, ZapMessenger comes up. Created by Jonathan Kay and released at 11/19/2008, this freeware can help you to completely uninstall MSN Messenger, Windows Live Messenger, or Windows Messenger from your computer system.

MSN Messenger Uninstaller

However, it isn’t “completely clean” because the application will not remove your personal data. It’s great if you want so, but if not then you should wait for the next version of this program as Jonathan is considering to add this ability.

ZapMessenger is a portable freeware and requires at least Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0. It seems Jonathan forgot to mention the Windows version this application supports, but from what I read it seems that ZapMessenger can run well under Windows XP and Vista.


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Hide Yahoo Messenger Windows With Shortcut Keys

So, what happens if your boss caught you chatting on Yahoo Messenger while at work? Though this is not the main reason of why Yahoo Messenger Hider is made, the purpose is indeed to hide Yahoo Messenger windows so no one will know that you are chatting. It depends on how fast you press the shortcut key to hide Yahoo Messenger when someone comes near you, of course:)

Beside hiding all of the running Yahoo Messenger windows with a shortcut key, you can also choose to hide the tray icon as well or just change it to another icon as a signal that the status of your Yahoo Messenger is being hidden. If you are interested, Yahoo Messenger Hider is a freeware that also supports Yahoo Messenger 9.0 BETA and beside Yahoo! Messenger 8.1. It works under Windows XP / Vista.

Download page

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Recover Messenger Password With MessenPass Recovery Tools

Forgetting your messenger password on Windows? Yeah, it does happen sometimes to many of us. Luckily, I’ve just found a free messenger password recovery tool that can bring back the lost one in an easy way. Another good news is that it supports many instant messenger applications. If you use one of the popular messenger apps, you bet you can recover your lost password.

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