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View Windows Explorer in Full Screen

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Viewing Windows explorer in full screen is useful if you happen to have lots of files and folders to be processed and that you want to be focused on the window. You won’t see the option to display the window in full screen because it is hidden by default. Depending on the option you take, you can view it in full screen simply either by pressing a shortcut key or button.

View Windows explorer in full screen with a shortcut key

Why move your mouse to hit a full-screen button if you can do it simply by hitting a single button on your keyboard? Just press F11 and the window will be displayed in full screen. Press F11 once more to restore the size.

View Windows explorer in full screen with a button

Some people are reluctant to memorize shortcuts. If this is the case, Windows explorer has a full-screen button that is hidden by default. To display the button you should right-click the toolbar and select “Customize…”.

A small window will open. On the left panel, scroll down until you find the button. Select it and click the “Add” button to move it to the right panel.

After you move the button, click “Close” to close the window. Now you can find the full-screen button on the toolbar. Click it whenever you want to work with your Windows explorer in full screen mode.

How to make it “more full screen”

Once you press the shortcut key or click the button, the menu bar and taskbar will be hidden from the display, leaving only the toolbar. If you don’t need this toolbar all the time, you can hide it so you will get more space in your full-screen mode.

In full-screen mode, right-click the toolbar and select “Auto-hide”. The toolbar will hidden instantly. To view it you just need to move your mouse to where it is located, which is on the top.

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