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Instantly Switch Between Two Different Mouse Speed Settings On Laptop with Shortcut Key

Having an external USB mouse as an alternative to replace the touchpad mouse on laptop is a solution for you who find that using the touchpad is somewhat difficult or not comfortable. Still, switching between these two mouses with different settings all the time isn’t something you can do instantly. Imagine that you have to configure the different speed and sensitivity for each mouse every time you switch the mouse.

Mouse Speed Switcher is the free utility that lets you instantly switch different mouse settings with a shortcut key. As you can see from the screenshots below, the first one displays that you can quickly switch from touchpad mouse setting to the the external mouse or vice versa right from the system tray if you don’t want to remember more shortcut keys.

The second image shows the Settings window where you can specify the shortcut key to switch the different settings between two mouse. Check the “Run at system startup” box if you want to automatically launch this program when you start Windows.

Speed Mouse Switcher screenshots

switch from system tray image

laptop vs external mouse settings image

Download Speed Mouse Switcher or go to the homepage

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