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Remove Metadata from JPEG and PNG

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metadata removerMetadata in JPEG and PNG is a collection of data consisting information such as when the image is taken, the model of the camera used to take the image and many others. While this is good for anyone that needs such information, those who don’t need it should remove it from the images. Metadata in images makes the size of the images bigger. Removing metadata from image, hence, reduces the image size.

If you need to remove metadata from images, JPEG & PNG Stripper enables you to remove metadata from JPEG and PNG images. This metadata remover is a portable software that supports Windows Vista and Windows XP as well as other Windows versions like Windows 95, 98, ME and Windows 2000.

Remove metadata from images

metadata deleter

You can remove metadata from JPEG and PNG images simply by dragging and dropping all of the images onto the interface. Scanning the entire folder directly within Windows explorer to automatically remove metadata of all the images contained within is also possible if you activate the integration option to integrate the program with Windows Explorer.

Download JPEG & PNG Stripper

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