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Download Metacafe Video with Metacafe Video Downloader

Metacafe is another most visited video sharing website for they who want to watch and download cool videos. It has a huge number of videos available in numerous categories. If you’re a huge fan of Metacafe and often find interesting videos that you want to download, Metacafe Video Downloader is perhaps one of the downloader tools that you want to try. More »

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Download Veoh Video with Veoh Video Downloader

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Veoh is no doubt one of the most popular video sites. It contains lots of interesting videos that many would like to watch. If you find a truly interesting video and you want to keep it in your hard drive, then you have to download it. In this case, if you’re looking an easy-to-use video downloader to download videos from Veoh site, Veoh Video Downloader is the one that perhaps suits your need. More »

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Save Web Videos You’ve Watched Previously Without Re-opening the Video Pages

youtube video savingYou’ve watched a bunch of nifty funny videos in video sharing sites like YouTube a few hours ago. Suddenly, you decide to download all of the videos for your video collection within your computer. Generally, most people go back to the video pages and download the videos one by one using their downloader tools. There is nothing wrong with it, but you may save more time if you use this freeware VideoCacheView instead.

VideoCacheView isn’t a downloader. This portable application lets you to find the cached web videos you’ve watched previously in video sharing sites. Once they are found, you can extract the videos from the cache to be saved within your computer so that you can view the videos offline in the future. You can play the videos directly from the cache instead. Just make sure that you already have a video player that can play .flv video files.

VideoCacheView portable freeware

VideoCacheView can find the cached .flv videos within Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer and Opera temp files. Though it isn’t a downloader, it could be a useful application to be included within your downloader application list. It is free and doesn’t require installation after all.

Download freeware VideoCacheView

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