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Make Taskbar and Start Menu Transparent in Windows 7 with Taskbar Transizer

If you want to make taskbar and start menu transparent in Windows 7, you can try to use Taskbar Transizer. This is a very simple application that does its job straightforwardly. Run the program and use the sliderrs to set the transparency level for Windows start menu and taskbar. One thing to note is that the program also makes the system tray transparent as you pull the slider to make the taskbar transparent. You can the result immediately on your taskbar and start menu so it will be easy for you to decide how much transparency level you want for both.


Taskbar Transizer is a freeware developed by opxbit and the download link can be found in Softpedia website. Beside Windows 7, this program also works with Windows XP.

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Remove Show Desktop Button from Windows 7 Taskbar

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Windows 7 Show Desktop Button Remover is a tiny app designed to remove show desktop button from Windows 7 taskbar. If you don’t need the show desktop button, why don’t you remove it so that you can have more space in the taskbar? If you want to minimize all windows to show desktop, you can just hit a key combination of Win + D. More »

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Customize Windows 7 Taskbar Thumbnail

If you’re unsatisfied with how the Windows 7 taskbar thumbnail looks like, you should download this so-called Windows 7 Taskbar Thumbnail Customizer. Just like the name says, it lets you change the appearance of the thumbnail. For instance, you can change the size, spacing, margin, and even set up some mouse delay time so that you can control how quick the thumbnail should be displayed to when you hover your mouse over the program’s icon or button on the taskbar. More »


Windows 7 Taskbar Skin for Windows XP Taskbar Replacement

Tired of looking at the old Windows XP taskbar all this time already? Well, you can auto hide it and only display it when you really need it, but I guess this is not the solution that will satisfy you all. Another thing you can do with it is to replace the old look with a fresh skin. One of the taskbar skins that many people are after now is the one that resembles the Windows 7 taskbar skin.

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ViGlance replaces your Windows XP taskbar with Windows 7 taskbar for free. True 48×48 Vista/7 icons, 7 Orb replica to replace the old XP Start menu button, 7 style transition effects and process grouping. These are the four features that this taskbar replacement utility offers.

Dowload ViGlance to get Windows 7 taskbar skin for XP


Free Dock for Windows XP & Vista Taskbar Replacement

If you’re looking for a free dock to replace your Windows XP or Vista taskbar with a Mac dock style, then XWindows Dock is a must download. Transparencies, shadow, reflections and blur are the graphical effects that you can get from this free dock at no cost. Hide your original Windows taskbar and replace it with this dock to get a better access to your files in a stylish environment.

osx dock

XWindows Dock is aware that we, human, naturally never feel enough with what we get, so it provides an ability for you to replace the installed skin with your own 2D or 3D dock skin. It works on Windows XP and Vista, but it is also reported that it works on Windows 7 as well. The developer claims that the system resources used to run this dock is less than Winamp or Total Commander.

Download XWindows Dock for Windows XP & Vista

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Download Windows 7 Taskbar for Windows XP

One of the changes in Windows 7 Taskbar, compared to Windows XP or Vista, is the iconized taskbar. If you open a progam or folder in previous Windows versions like XP, the name of it is displayed on the button within the taskbar. In Windows 7 taskbar, the name is no longer displayed. There is only the icon of the opened program.

Windows 7 Taskbar Iconizer is a program that replaces Windows XP taskbar with Windows 7 taskbar. Hence, whenever you open a program, you’ll see only the icon on the taskbar. The look is just like the icons you put in the Quick Launch bar. The benefit is obvious; the taskbar has more space.

Windows 7 Taskbar Iconizer is portable, but you need to restart Windows to apply the changes you make to the taskbar. If you don’t like the result, you can revert the changes using the same program.

Windows 7 Taskbar for Windows XP

Windows 7 Taskbar Iconizer

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