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Create New Folder with Shortcut Key in Windows Explorer

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new folder imageIf you ask one of your friends to show how he makes a new folder, he is likely to right-click on the empty background of a folder or drive within Windows explorer and then select the “New”, “Folder” respectively from the right-click menu. To make it ready, he has to give it a name. This is the usual procedure that most people know about to create a new folder.

However, there is always a way to make things faster than usual. Creating a new folder can be done faster by utilizing the available shortcut keys within Windows explorer.

To create a new folder faster, simply press Alt+F followed by W, then hit Enter. Type the name of the new folder and hit Enter once again to make it ready for use. That’s all.

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Deleted Files From USB Not in Recycle Bin?

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When you delete files in your USB drives, these files don’t go into the recycle bin. So, you won’t find the files inside the recycle bin in case you accidentally delete files in your removable drives. Microsoft has explained that the files won’t be sent into the recycle bin if they are deleted using one of these deletion actions:

  • Deletions from removable disks (CD-RWs, floppy disks, Zip drives, and other removable disks).
  • Deletions from remote shares.
  • Deletions from compressed (zipped) folders.
  • Deletions at the command line.

    So, make sure that you really don’t need the files anymore before you delete them. If it still happens anyway, you can try to recover the files using a free file recovery.