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Watch YouTube Video Without Distraction

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What Quietube does is quite interesting, at least for anyone that feels that watching YouTube videos in YouTube site is rather distracting. Don’t want to see anything while you’re watching the video, not even the comments, related videos, or whatever it is? Then consider about putting Quietube bookmarklet in your toolbar.

Quietube removes everything else but the video. Once you click the bookmarklet icon, the YouTube video that you’re watching will be moved to a nearly-empty page. Everything else that you usually see in YouTube while watching the video are gone. The only thing that you see other than the video is a set of links created by Quietube.

The shortened link created by Quietube provides a good way to promote your YouTube video since the focus of the audience will be likely only on the video. There is no related video that will probably distract the attention of the audience. Negative comments, if any, can be hidden. Though the audience can directly go to the YouTube video’s original page by clicking the link provided by Quietube, it is likely that the audience notices the link after finished watching.

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