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Windows 7 Taskbar Skin for Windows XP Taskbar Replacement

Tired of looking at the old Windows XP taskbar all this time already? Well, you can auto hide it and only display it when you really need it, but I guess this is not the solution that will satisfy you all. Another thing you can do with it is to replace the old look with a fresh skin. One of the taskbar skins that many people are after now is the one that resembles the Windows 7 taskbar skin.

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ViGlance replaces your Windows XP taskbar with Windows 7 taskbar for free. True 48×48 Vista/7 icons, 7 Orb replica to replace the old XP Start menu button, 7 style transition effects and process grouping. These are the four features that this taskbar replacement utility offers.

Dowload ViGlance to get Windows 7 taskbar skin for XP

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5 Responses to “Windows 7 Taskbar Skin for Windows XP Taskbar Replacement”

  1. richard Says:

    i have a question about viglance. in every screenshot of viglance it seems like it would change the look of the xp taskbar to that of windows 7, but when i run viglance it only gives me the start orb and transparency but my taskbar still looks like xp’s luna (you know, that boring blue). is there a way to change the taskbar’s overall look to windows 7′s glass-esque look?

  2. Farrah Says:

    its weird but cool thanks!

  3. Geo Says:

    I agree with Richard, is there anyway to change the taskbar to look like Windows 7′s sleek, glass look?

  4. Seifpic Says:

    Richard and Geo, you will have to download and install a theme. Has got all the things needed to transform your old boring XP to Se7en.

  5. Virgil Jones Says:

    I prefer the XP taskbar but would like to fix its minor flaws such as windows and tooltips in some cases opening underneath the taskbar. Currently I use TaskbarActivate and ToolTipFix – this is almost good enough. Looks like this isn’t the program for me…but it’s hard to tell. There is very little information here about what features this program has.

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